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A friendly club for all

Welcome to Ormsirk and District Chess Club

Meetings Schedule
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Mondays from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm (Global pandemics permitting.)
at the Aughton Institute, Bold Lane, Aughton, L39 6SG.

Click here for the location and a map.

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The Club meets every Monday evenings from 7:30pm

Facemask requirement lifted!

In keeping with Government restrictions, the need to wear facemask has been recinded

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About Us

We are a small but friendly club that has been running since 1968 providing a venue for like minded souls to have a game of chess in sociable and relaxed manner.
We submit teams to play in the Warrington League, sometimes the Merseyside League and have ran some events of our own.
We play regulary each week either competitivly against other teams or socially among our members.

Don't want to be in our teams, that's fine, join us to have just a friendly game with nothing more than your pride at stake.

Come along, see what's happening, play, learn, chat, all are welcome.

For further information contact acting Secretary Sean Murphy:

Telephone: 07809 828981 or E-mail:

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Weekly Meetings

Mondays (usually) from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm (Covid 19 situation permitting.)
at the Aughton Institute, Bold Lane, Aughton, L39 6SG.

Click here for the location and a map.

Please note that Covid19 is still an issue, the club still would like members (and visitors) to take appropriate precautions and not attend if they are feeling unwell

On-line Meetings

The Club occasionally runs on-line tournaments via the website.
Details of these will be advertised "as and when".

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Junior and Youth Memberships

We have a dynamic Junior and Youth section, though there are no special arrangements for younger players.

Players aged 10 upwards may join for some friendly competition and advice.

While basic teaching of the rules are beyond our remit, we offer the chance for younger players further their game and experience a more mature style of play.

Play against other club members of similar age (or otherwise), have fun and improve your game!
Some of our strongest players are under 16.
NB: Please note the club is not registered to look after unattended children. It is expected that a parent or guardian will be present to supervise for the duration of each child's visit.
(This also applies to any on-line participation.)

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Match Fixtures List

The club is a member of the Warrington and District Chess League (WDCL)

New Season is starting October 2021

We have two teams entered in the Warrington League to match our wits against other nearby clubs. The league is aligned to the English Chess Federation(ECF) which is the main national ruling body for chess in the UK promoting chess playing in the UK and also represents the country in chess matters internationally.
All League team players will earn a chess 'grade' providing a standardised measure of ability across the country.

An up-to-date list and results can be seen here on the LMS site that is now being used to record match results, replacing the manual process run by the WDCL in earlier years.

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Club Information


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Thinking Hard!
A friendly club, but sometimes it's serious competition!


WDCL Warrington and District Chess League
LMS - WDCL League Management System - WDCL Page Our on-line chess tournament provider
ECF The English Chess Federation
MCA Merseyside Chess Association

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